grandma.jpgGrandma's Feather Bed

Step 1: Read the book and listen to the song John Denver's Grandma's Feather Bed adapted and illustrated by Christopher Canyon (Dawn Publishing ).

Step 2: Who do you like to visit? What's the best thing about visiting? Write your own story and put it to music. You can write your own music or choose a popular tune and add your own words. If you have time, include pictures or photos. Need ideas for music? Go to Sing-Along Songs from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Kids' Pages. You could also interview a family member and write a song based on their childhood.
Step 3: Add the name of your page to the list at the bottom of the page. Click the LINK button and create a page. Save this page. Click the link to your page. Edit the page and add your story. Be sure to SAVE.

Step 4: Read the wikis that other students have created. Use the DISCUSSION tab to write a note to another student author. You could write a review of their project, add a suggestion, or write about how their project is like or unlike yours.

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