A Kick in the Head

kick.gifStep 1: Read the book A Kick in the Head. It's filled with wonderful poems in many forms. Go to page 56 and read about each poetic form.

Step 2: Write your own poem in the poetic form of your choice.

Step 3: Create a page explaining the poetic form in your own words. You might want to quote a line from a poem as an example. Be sure to cite any quotations. If someone has already created an explanation page for your poetic form, your job is to provide additional examples. For instance, you could link to online examples and provide a review or analysis of the poem.

Step 4: Create another page for your original poem. Consider adding an illustration.

Step 5: Read the wiki pages that other students have created. Use the DISCUSSION tab to write a note to another student author. You could write a review of their project, add a suggestion, or write about how their project is like or unlike yours.

Poetic Forms (Add your project link below):


Original Poems (Add your project link below):